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Everyone loves playing MOBA games, where you can become the Legends and lead your fellow team members to victory. Of course there are different people with different goals and expectations. That is why there are hundreds of different champions with characteristic abilities and powers. This is also why people claim League of Legendss is one of the most popular and surely one of the most absorbing production that were ever released. But is it possible to play league of Legends android or ios version?
Today ladies and gentlemen we would like to show you league of Legends apk. What is it, how does it work and what makes it so entertaining offer? We will answer on all these questions down below, but first of all, let’s take a look at the game itself to understand what makes league of Legends mobile so wanted piece of production!
Become the best in the league
Riot Games is an American studio that prepared for us one of the most popular MOBA games in the world. This sub-genre combines the elements of action, tactics, and of course arcade aspects in one, creating a mix that wasn’t as popular as it is now a decade ago.
When it comes to storyline, it is difficult to provide you with one. In general, the game allows you to become a player who personates one of many different characters. These characters are divided into class and play different role on a battlefield. To make things more interesting, it is possible to use one character in various roles and create some extraordinary builds that will provide you with some extra help. Each figure, the so-called champion, can boast with unique backstory that is usually presented with the use of cinematic clips. Because of that, we know what drives champions to join the League
When it comes to gameplay, we play here in the groups of five. Of course it is possible to join the game alone, but you will be placed in a team with four other players. The goal of the game is to cooperate with other players and destroy the base that belongs to the other group of five players. Of course the production grants some extra game modes. Besides typical 5v5 game mode, you can also join 3v3 games, and some other modes that were prepared with the cooperation of players.
The game is certainly very interesting and if you want to join other players and play it, use league of Legends mobile version that we offer! You can choose either league of Legends android version of the game or league of Legends ios, for iPhones!

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League of Legends Android APK Information :

App Name :                                          League of Legends

File Size :                                             784 MB     

Version :                                               v1.102.0

Operating System :                             Android  4.1 and Above

Developer :                                          Tancent Games

Updated on :                                         October 6, 2019