GTA India Game is not any official game created by Rockstar Games. It is actually a modded version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The mod contains a lot of Indian things like Indian Cars, Train etc. to represent the game as GTA India. Below are some inormation of what you will get in the GTA India Game or GTA SA Mod along with the download link for the GTA India game.

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Download link for GTA India Game Download :

Overview of GTA India game :

If you are a GTA fan and is searching for a good  modded version of there favorite GTA game, then this modded version is exactly the thing that you are looking for. GTA India game is a modded version of GTA San Andreas with our old school CJ and his hood. The roads in the game are also as same as they where in GTA San Andreas. The thing that  makes this game to be called as GTA India game are the vehicles. GTA India Game consist of a lot of Indian vehicles including Cars, Rikhshaw, Bike, Scorpio, Bolero etc.

GTA India Game Download is not an official version relesed by Rockstar Games, it is a fan made modded version of GTA San Andreaas created by a fan. It consist of 50% of Indian vehicles in it. All the missions and stuff are exactly the same as in the original game. Some good things in GTA India Game include the tempo and train that is exactly the same as in India. Combined the game is very fun to play. Go ahead and try this version of GTA SA that is GTA India Game Download.

System Requirements for GTA India Game Download :

Ram -256MB RAM
Free Disk Space– 6.5 GB
windows -Windows XP
GPU/Graphics card– DirectX 9 compatible with 64MB of Video RAM
Sound Card– DirectX 9 compatible sound card
Processor /CPU– 1GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon or any other best processor
control device – Keyboard, mouse 

Features of GTA India Game :

  • Indian Train – The Indian Style local "blue colour" trains can be seen inside the game. The train is an exact copy of the Indian Railways of India.
  • Indian Auto Rikshaw – The Indian style CNG Auto-Rikhshaw is very much fun to drive inside the game.
  • Indian Bike – GTA India also has the Indain styl bikes Hero Honda and Pulser.
  • Indian Car: – The cars are the most interesting part. GTA India Game has Bolero, Scorpio, Nano, Maruti 800 and a lot of other Indian cars.
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Download link for GTA India Game Download :

Hope you have successfully downloaded GTA India Game. ENJOY !