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James Heller can shapeshift and accept other individuals' personalities and recollections by devouring them. Taking individuals' characters and shapeshifting into them has turned out to be increasingly strategic.

 Because of Blackwatch's activities in the Yellow Zone, if the player expect the job of a warrior, individuals will respond to him such that demonstrates that they don't need anything to do with him. To ensure that foes don't overpower the player, Radical has made an evading framework and new, increasingly reasonable AI.

 Heller will probably utilize weapons in the game, for example, ripping the Gatling gun off a tank and utilizing it against foes. Heller can likewise sneak up on clueless human foes, infuse them with the Blacklight infection transforming them into "BioBomb" to explode staggeringly. Heller additionally has superhuman quality and nimbleness, close insusceptibility to hurt, close flight jumping and floating, endless stamina, expanded speed and has a sonar sense. 

The sonar incorporates another heartbeat capacity that features the key highlights of a domain to make it simpler for the player to discover somebody, rather than looking in an enormous group for an individual with a symbol over their head. Radical has expressed that the forces will be progressively important, showing up as changes and overhauls that let players choose how they need to play as Heller.

Prototype 2 Android Game Download Link :

Features of Prototype 2 Android Game :

  • Prototype 2 is a third-person action game, set in the sandbox world of New York Zero (NYZ).
  • Missions won’t be given out by people in New York Zero, but will rather be selected by you through hacking into the Blackwatch network.
  • Each zone will have missions, and mission difficulty will depend on the zone in which the mission takes place.
  • There will be a wealth of side-quests and side-missions.
  • Heller’s mutated infection powers can be upgraded and new abilities can be unlocked.
  • Heller’s mutation provides him with tendrils, which can be used extensively in combat.
  • Heller can take on the appearance of people he consumes – which will be used strategically when in different NYZ zones to avoid detection or being overwhelmed.
  • A new sonar ability allows you to identify key people and items in the area.

Prototype 2 Android Game Information :

App Name :                                          Prototype 2 Android Game

File Size :                                             34 MB     

Version :                                               v2.5.0

Operating System :                             Android  5.1 and Above

Developer :                                           R.G. Mechanics

Updated on :                                         February12, 2020

Now you know everything about Prototype 2 Android Game. So its time to download it. The download link for Prototype 2 Android Game APK below.

How To Install Prototype 2 and Setup Prototype 2 on Android : 

1) Download the Remotr APK From the link given below :
2) Now download and install Remotr for your PC.

3) Now open Remotr on PC and create an account with your Gmail ID.

4) Login with the same account on your Android Smartphone.

5) Now connect your PC and your phone to the same wifi network if possible.

6) On your PC Add Prototype 2 game in Remotr.

7) Now on the App select prototype2.exe

Prototype 2 Android Game Gameplay Screenshots :

Image result for prototype 2 gameplay

Image result for prototype 2 gameplay

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Hope you have downloaded Prototype 2 Android Game Successfully. Enjoy !